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TS_II learning activities


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In the next link you´ll find the 5 activities and an extra one.



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TSIII- Workholding documentation

Hi collegues:


No lottery during summer so we are back. I,m sending you 2 documents one would be for the moodle platform and the other for trainee-book. If you have any comment pleasse tell us.


The documents are located in Drive (partner share folder IMH documents) just in case of links are broken.


Kind regards and waiting you have enjoyed a lot during summer holidays





Animations in “material collected from the partners” folder

Uploaded some animations for free use of them, they´ve got Creative Commons license so if you mention the author (Department of education of The Basque Country) it is enough. Translation and adaptation to FANUC after getting the editable files (It´s not easy).


See you tomorrow




Some drafts and need some help

I hope you finished last year perfectly well and start the current one much better.

Just to tell you that I´ve uploaded the process sheet of an example I´m developing for tender specification II and also usable for n. three and I miss the tool sheet template in docx format, please Risto or Jorge can you upload a format or tell me where is it?


best wishes for 2016





Different way of teaching

“Hereby I enclose you a document that give you different ideas of different ways of teaching….., with respect to the psycological approach I´m still getting ready some tests that can be used to know the diffrent types of students we can find in our classrooms and how to deal with them in a proper way, trying to get the best from them.

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(the document is in the working document folder).

Simulator links

I´ve added in the programming folder a document with two links. One Heidenhain Itnc 530 and the other for Fagor 8070. If you have any problem ask me.




Worksheet 3. UPDATED

Worksheet 3 has been updated in draft-2, Learning Strategies/Pedagogical Approaches and Trainer´s Role are now included. For filling out this we´ve used two European documents that you can find them in the google drive folder.


See you soon