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TSIII- Workholding documentation

Hi collegues:


No lottery during summer so we are back. I,m sending you 2 documents one would be for the moodle platform and the other for trainee-book. If you have any comment pleasse tell us.


The documents are located in Drive (partner share folder IMH documents) just in case of links are broken.


Kind regards and waiting you have enjoyed a lot during summer holidays




By  | September 1, 2016

Case studies

Hi friends:


I´m working in my 5 case studies and I would like to share what I´ve got in mind what each case should  include  . There are some detail missed (like tool details and explanation of  programes, ppt format,…).


Please check the link below and let me know your comments and suggestions (the shop is open!)


Kind regards

By  | March 17, 2016

Worksheet 3. UPDATED

Worksheet 3 has been updated in draft-2, Learning Strategies/Pedagogical Approaches and Trainer´s Role are now included. For filling out this we´ve used two European documents that you can find them in the google drive folder.


See you soon



By  | June 1, 2015