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I uploaded a document for the handbook for TS-II, learn-cont #1 and assessment. I used the layout from CENFIM, Jorge please check, if it is ok in this way. The work is not finished.




By  | September 30, 2016

Hello Jorge,

is it possible to delete the old files?

Because in Tender specification 2 are to many files that are old.

The actual files are in the special folders (2A1 … 2A6).

Greetings Jochen

By  | June 6, 2016

Case studies

Hi friends:


I´m working in my 5 case studies and I would like to share what I´ve got in mind what each case should  include  . There are some detail missed (like tool details and explanation of  programes, ppt format,…).


Please check the link below and let me know your comments and suggestions (the shop is open!)


Kind regards

By  | March 17, 2016