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Animations in “material collected from the partners” folder

Uploaded some animations for free use of them, they´ve got Creative Commons license so if you mention the author (Department of education of The Basque Country) it is enough. Translation and adaptation to FANUC after getting the editable files (It´s not easy).


See you tomorrow




By  | January 19, 2016

Learning Platform (moodle)

Dear colleagues,

The scorm for “Process Planning applied to CNC” was created. You can now run it via learning platform (moodle – Fundamental Knowledge). A first draft of the trainee workbook (English not revised yet) is available too, is just to give you an idea of how it looks like.

Both powerpoint and workbook will be discussed during our on-line meeting in order to agree on it format and design.

Many thanks.



By  | January 12, 2016

Some drafts and need some help

I hope you finished last year perfectly well and start the current one much better.

Just to tell you that I´ve uploaded the process sheet of an example I´m developing for tender specification II and also usable for n. three and I miss the tool sheet template in docx format, please Risto or Jorge can you upload a format or tell me where is it?


best wishes for 2016





By  | January 4, 2016

PAL – G- commands –> dynamic power point uploaded

Dear partners,

I hope you have started well, the new year.

I have done some work, and uploaded it to the google drive:

Dynamic Power Point for PAL – G – commands (german version – English version will follow when it’s translated)

Some drawings of parts out of my CNC – course

Have a nice week and let me know, what you think about the Power Points.

Best regards


By  | January 4, 2016

Process Planning applied to CNC – Dynamic Powerpoint

Dear Colleagues,

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas time.

This post is to inform you that is available a first version of a dynamic powerpoint for the content “Process Planning applied to CNC”. Is still under development and the idea is just to show how it looks like. The “scorm” will be available over next week.

A first version of the trainee booklet/workbook is almost finished and will be shared quite soon.


. Minimum requirements: Powerpoint2013

. Mouse click only!


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Warm regards,


By  | December 29, 2015

Process Plan Data Sheet (template)

Hello all,

Just to inform you that a template for the  Process Plan Data Sheet  & Tooling Data Sheet  is now available for your analysis and contributions.

The Tooling Data Sheet already includes the suggestions proposed by Carlos and Jon.

The Process Plan Data Sheet was inspired in different documents, including those shared by Dave in Stuttgart.

As discussed last Wednesday, the goal is to have both templates validated until the end of next week.

Many thank.


Have a nice weekend

Best regards,


By  | December 4, 2015

Tooling Data Sheet (Template)

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well with you.

We have been developing with Risto a template for the “Tooling Data Sheet” that is now shared for your analysis and approval, over the next week will be shared a proposal for the “Process Plan Data Sheet” too. Since both sheets are the base for the development of the practical exercises, it will be quite important to have an agreement before the next on-line meeting (2 of December).

Looking forward to get your comments and suggestion.

Many thanks,

By  | November 19, 2015