Tooling Data Sheet (Template)

Hello everyone!

Hope all is well with you.

We have been developing with Risto a template for the “Tooling Data Sheet” that is now shared for your analysis and approval, over the next week will be shared a proposal for the “Process Plan Data Sheet” too. Since both sheets are the base for the development of the practical exercises, it will be quite important to have an agreement before the next on-line meeting (2 of December).

Looking forward to get your comments and suggestion.

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By  | November 19, 2015

3 thoughts on “Tooling Data Sheet (Template)

  1. Hi colleagues:

    I really think taht can be a good tooling data sheet, just I missa gap for lenght and radious compensation number. Also could be very useful to be more atractive for students a small gap for a picture of the tool and QR.

    Have a nice day!!

    By: Jon Egaña | November 19, 2015 16:09
  2. Hi everyone,

    Since we are creating a working document, why not use the standard that attempts to standardize the various nomenclatures for tools, ISO 13399. I propose another “Tooling Data Sheet_v2″ for discussion. Take a look in the Drive folder (TS-III Learning Contents & Resources).
    I’m waiting for your opinion.


    By: Carlos Coimbra | December 1, 2015 15:27
  3. Thank you Carlos, great suggestion!
    The template must be updated with Jon suggestions too.

    By: Jorge Mauricio | December 1, 2015 16:15