PAL – G- commands –> dynamic power point uploaded

Dear partners,

I hope you have started well, the new year.

I have done some work, and uploaded it to the google drive:

Dynamic Power Point for PAL – G – commands (german version – English version will follow when it’s translated)

Some drawings of parts out of my CNC – course

Have a nice week and let me know, what you think about the Power Points.

Best regards


By  | January 4, 2016

One thought on “PAL – G- commands –> dynamic power point uploaded

  1. Hello Jochen,
    My first impression is good but of course the English version is need for detailed analyses. Nevertheless I would like to leave two comments:

    1. Please, just use a white blank model in the powerpoint, don´t worry with any design and styles. As agreed in Stuttgart, CENFIM will be responsible for the corporate identity and corporate design of powerpoints, trainee workbooks, trainer guide, symbology and so on.
    2. As agreed in Stuttgart, the programming languages are ISO FANUC and HEIDENHAIN, not PAL G-Codes.

    Many thanks.


    By: Jorge Mauricio | January 5, 2016 13:28