Some drafts and need some help

I hope you finished last year perfectly well and start the current one much better.

Just to tell you that I´ve uploaded the process sheet of an example I´m developing for tender specification II and also usable for n. three and I miss the tool sheet template in docx format, please Risto or Jorge can you upload a format or tell me where is it?


best wishes for 2016





By  | January 4, 2016

2 thoughts on “Some drafts and need some help

  1. Good day Jon,

    The Toolling data sheet template is available through the following folder;

    …Working documents>Tender Specifications>TS-III Learning Contents & Resources>#1 – The Fundamentals of Cutting Technology

    Best wishes for 2016

    By: Jorge Mauricio | January 5, 2016 09:06
  2. Thank you Jorge!!
    You are always when we need something and it´s really for thanking.
    have a good week!

    By: Jon Egaña | January 5, 2016 20:31