3 thoughts on “Uploaded new material for Tender specification 2 part 2

  1. Good day Jochen,

    Thanks for sharing the work done.

    In my opinion the placards are too much focused on the cnc code (theory) rather than in pratical. As the TSII describes, the placard for subprograming must show the most common practical scenarios (3 at least) where the subprograming should be applied and the code (syntax) is only introduced and explained afterwards.

    The same for the other codes, for instance FMAX: The powerpoint explain very well the FMAX, we have to do it but before should be explained what is a positioning/rapid movement showning in a very pratical way the different approaches and the syntax comes afterward.

    Many thanks.


    By: Jorge Mauricio | February 11, 2016 09:40
  2. Hello:

    The practical way that you mention Jorge maybe It´s included in part n.3 of TS-2.
    More documents are being uploaded (some of them are drafts).
    The documents are in the sharing are of drive in the Imh documents folder (I try to put the link but the Portuguese anti-spam is very hard in comments :)

    Waiting to see you very soon


    By: Jon Egaña | February 16, 2016 21:53
  3. Hi,
    I think we are not yet fully aligned with the approach, which is good because it means that in the end we will have excellent learning resources. We need to discuss a little more in Lisbon.

    Looking forward to see you again.

    By: Jorge Mauricio | February 17, 2016 08:41