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I´m working in my 5 case studies and I would like to share what I´ve got in mind what each case should  include  . There are some detail missed (like tool details and explanation of  programes, ppt format,…).


Please check the link below and let me know your comments and suggestions (the shop is open!)


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By  | March 17, 2016

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  1. Hi Jon,
    The line that you are following seems to be quite good. I just would like to highlight that for each case study must be clear:

    1) If it is an assignment for formative assessment/learning consolidation or for summative assessment.

    2) Criteria for evaluation/marks/scores

    3) The achievement level, that is, if it is to apply in summative assessment must be well framed on the 3 levels of criteria of assessment described in the unit #1 of LO. For instance:

    CASE STUDY XPTO1 belongs to the set of assignments (3? in total) that allow us to validate the achievements related with the skill of “Generate a programme using G-Codes or similar/Apply the techniques of manual programming” level 1 (satisfactory):

    What is written for level 1: Can generate simple NC programs applying the main preparatory and auxiliary functions related with tool data, linear/circular tool path motions and tool radius compensation but need some support for program errors detection/resolution

    Many thanks.


    By: Jorge Mauricio | March 18, 2016 11:18
  2. Thanks Jorge:

    Still looking for the good track but closer after your comments.

    Kind regards:


    By: Jon Egaña | March 21, 2016 16:01
  3. Hello Jon

    Risto and I looked the case studies. If we understood right, these satistfactory, good and excellent programs are examples of what is needed to achieve that grade. So to achieve satisfactrory grade trainee can leave the workpiece half ready. That is a good guideline for a trainer.

    We don`t have at this monent any more detailed comments about the programs, because print accuracy especially in the drawing is so “out of focus” that we couldn`t read the measures. I am sure that will be fixed. We are not quite sure if use of background colours is clear and demonstrative, particularly it is difficult to read black text on blue background. These are only minor techical details and I am sure that are excellent in the final version. Material is very good and you have done great job.

    With best regards Martti

    By: Marttti Ryytty | March 22, 2016 05:57