CENFIM2014 is a Vocational Training Centre for the Metallurgy and Metalworking Industry, was created in January 1985 in Portugal, under an agreement between the IEFP – Employment and Training Institute (representing the Portuguese Government), AIMMAP- Association of Metallurgical, Metalworking and Related Industries and ANEME – National Association of Metallurgical and Electromechanical Companies, (representing the two Portuguese Employers Associations from Metallurgical, Metalworking and Electromechanical Industrial Sectors).

CENFIM is a non-profit organization, acting at a national level with a network of 13 regional Centres covering the whole country and offering training courses for Youth Initial Training (qualification mainly with dual certification but also, in an intermediate level, technological specialization courses) and for Workers (lifelong learning programs, mainly modular training), in technical and management areas. His connection with the Companies of the sector is very strong and extensive, with whom it seeks to have a direct contact through his regional training centers that are spread throughout the country. In 2013 there were 14.770 trainees, which attended 991 training courses with a total of 229.000 hours of training.

CENFIM demand, on a continuous basis, all the opportunities to improve, certify the quality of their services, establish partnerships and extend its activities. Is certified since 1998 by the Portuguese Quality System: EN/ISO 9001, NP EN/ISO 14001, NP4397/OSHAS18001 and NP4427 standards, and Accredited: DGERT- General Employment and Work Relations Office, Autodesk, DGGE – Directorate General for Geology and Energy as an entity approved to certify and issue professional licenses within the GAS field and by EWF/IIW – European Welding Federation/International Institute of Welding. Integrates several technical and business networks. Cooperates since 1996 in the framework of the vocational training with the PALOP’S (Portuguese Speaking African Countries) – mainly in Angola and Mozambique. Participates regularly in WorldSkills championship, where won some medals and has trainers/technicians from its staff elected as presidents of the Jury, in the competing professions of CNC and CAD in the field of metal sector, which are proof of competence and gives a lot of pride to the our Organization.

Starting in 1989 with its first European project, as coordinator and Partner has participated in more than one hundred Projects co-financed by different European Programmes such as Petra, Force, Euroform, Now, ADAPT, Youthstart, Connect, Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, EQUAL and Lifelong Learning Programme – Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, and throught this projects had the opportunity to establish solid partnerships with more then 20o Partners from 32 Europeans Countries.  Its participation has focused in several areas, but will matter to highlight those that best characterize the know-how and field of his activity: in technology, particularly related to the new technologies (CNC, CAD, Energy, Automation and robotics, Domotics, …), in the pedagogical field, in e-learning developing, experimenting new visions and approaches to training, focused on the interconnection and intervention in the Enterprises which it serves. All this large experience gives a strong competence to work complying with the terms and rules of different European programmes and partners.

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Contact:  José Fonseca