Logo MES BlauMax-Eyth-Schule Stuttgart is a technical VET school located in Stuttgart the capital of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Industrial and technical knowledge is on a high level in Max-Eyth School. There are totally 1645 students and 117 teachers. We offer a wide range of professional training programmes, from basic vocational training to higher technical education. Our teachers have been participating in different projects in different countries, for example China, Israel, Peru and in many countries of Europe.

We have already participated in 2013 application of IPAN. We teach our students in a dual system. All the students in this field have a contract with a company who pay for the students. Our school is equipped with modern machinery. So we can provide a solid education in theory and practice.

Partner Details
Contact:  Rafael Ebstein
Email:  ebstein@mes.s.bw.schule.de
Webpage:  http://www.mes-stuttgart.de/