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The Project

The European instruments, like EQF and ECVET have an impact and force the training organizations all over Europe to engage in re-design their operational learning environments to reply to this new dimension and requirements of training.

The easiest and superficial approach to face this change suggests no more than a splitting of the former and more extensive training courses, into more basic and short training activities, which are then grouped into training paths. It’s just like if somehow we could cut in the curricula, the teaching resources and the learning time in small parts from a whole course, and, actually, this has been the reply from most of the training organizations. However, this conservative response will prove ineffective to deal with what will be the new pedagogical paradigm: the individualized training, where the student is encouraged to find at his right time the training requirements that match with his own needs of qualification, for which it’s necessary to develop flexible learning pathways, over the traditional learning environments.

For this goal, the project intends to define a set of activities that promotes the development, testing and implementation of innovative teaching practices, to propose to rebuild the training environment with innovative layouts, to redesign didactic and assessment resources, to develop navigation and to track devices along the learning pathways,  so the trainees may have a more independent learning process and, finally, to prepare the trainers for the new profile that will be required in this multi-learning environment, which requires a quite different and demanding pedagogical attitudes and skills.